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Minert Law Office assists clients in criminal law cases as well as those involving estate planning and family cases. The Boise law firm handles criminal charges such as DUIs, Violent crimes, theft, drug charges, traffic violations, and other charges. Steve Minert is a member of the United States District Court; Clients have praised the attorney for his professionalism and hard work. To get a free initial consultation with our attorney call us at 208.991.3394



Managing a legal issue is both an emotionally testing and enthusiastic experience. Especially, when it comes to Boise family law, dealing with legitimate requirements in a humane and understanding manner is crucial. The complexity of family issues varies from case to case. Some are simple, while some are too complicated. Educating on the laws and applying them in the case is the foremost step, an attorney has to go. Marriage, divorce, child custody, and child support everything are included in Boise family law. Divorce is given on fault-based and non- fault-based by law. There are eight grounds for divorce in Idaho court:

  • Adultery
  • Insanity
  • Incompatible of bringing to harmony differences
  • Willful neglect
  • Willful desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Habitual drunkenness or incompetence
  • Felony conviction

Non-fault-based divorces are filed, under incompatible differences that cannot be reconciled on any grounds between the spouses. The fault divorce is considered when child custody or alimony matters are included. Before filing a divorce case, the plaintiff needs to be a resident of Idaho for a minimum of six weeks. Other states in the US have comparatively high residency period. A mandatory waiting period of as short as 20days is provided to both parties. This takes place when one party serves the divorce papers on another spouse before the judicial proceedings. Alimony is awarded by the court, to the spouse who is unable to manage himself or herself.

A person who cannot support himself or herself, or, who does not have sufficient income when the marriage ends, is awarded alimony. The court decides the period, for giving alimony by considering the spouses earning capacity, education level, years of marriage, and many other factors. The property is another important factor considered during the divorce. Idaho is also known to be a community property state.

The property, which is earned, after the marriage is termed Community property. It is divided, into 50/50, irrespective of who earned or, paid for it.

At Minert law office, our experienced attorneys assist the clients with all types of law matters, such as criminal defence, estate planning, probate and family law. Boise family law matters are handled well by Steve Minert and his team with personal attention to the case.

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